Commuter Meal Plan Options

Although commuter, married and Seminary students are not obligated to participate in a meal plan, the gathering of the student body in the Student Dining Room at meal times affords an opportunity for community and fellowship. Commuter students who elect to pay for a meal plan must contact the Dining Services Office at (312) 329-4324 or Students are responsible to request a meal plan for each new semester.

Which Meal Plan Is Right for You?

  20-Meal Plan 15-Meal Plan 10-Meal Plan 20 Block Plan Food Service One 
Gift Card
2023-2024 Cost $2,895     $2,620 $2,165 $150  Rates vary
Number of possible meals       20 per week 15 per week 10 per week 20 to use at student’s convenience until all meals are used  
Meal count ends every Saturday night and restarts every Sunday morning X X X    
Students are responsible to keep track of how many meals they use X X X X  
Unused meals expire and will not carry over to the next week X X X    
Meals are non-transferable X X X    
Multiple meals are not permitted within a single meal period X X X    
Advisable for students who: Make meal time a priority Miss meals due to schedule conflicts Live off campus but eat in the SDR every day Eat in the SDR on occasion Eat in The Commons

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