Joe’s Brewing Methods

Drip Coffee

The Bunn Coffee Maker uses a brewing method that is the typical way most Americans make coffee in their homes. Grounds are put in a filtered basket, which is set in an enclosed space. Water is heated in a reservoir and then is emptied over the grounds. Coffee then drips through the filter into a coffee pot.


The V60 is a type of pour-over method that is made as a single brew. Freshly ground coffee beans are placed in a filtered cone shaped mechanism (the V60). Then hot water is poured over the grounds in a circular motion. The coffee drips through a single hole in the bottom of the V60 into a coffee cup. The result is a very flavorful cup of coffee without the bitter aftertaste that accompanies drip coffee. This method extracts more fully the flavor out the coffee beans. During the process, the water is able to interact with the grounds in a multidirectional way, extracting more of the flavors that are inside the bean.

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