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Why is the meal plan required?

The requirement of the meal plan for on-campus students is twofold.

  1. Since Moody Bible Institute offers a tuition-paid education, we are not able to make the meal plan an optional element for the on-campus student experience.
  2. The community and fellowship that exists within the Student Dining Room are impossible to duplicate in any other setting. It is strongly encouraged for those who are not required to still participate in the SDR meals.

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Which meal plan should I choose?

  • On-campus undergraduate options include the 20- and the 15-meal plan.
  • Commuter/Married/Seminary options have a wider variety to accommodate meals as needed.

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Who do I contact about changing/switching my meal plan?

  • Please contact the Dining Services Office at 312-329-4324 or
  • Changes to already purchased plans must be made by the end of the second week of classes each semester.

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What if I have a special diet?

We do our best to provide a variety of food options on a daily basis that will give students with varying dietary needs several options to choose from at every meal. However, we do recognize that there may be medical conditions that require a special diet that cannot be reasonably accommodated in our Student Dining Room. For these cases, we are able to reduce or exempt the meal plan. Click here to learn more about MBI’s special diet policy or to apply for a reduction or exemption.

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When does the week begin and end for weekly meal plans?

The 20-, 15-, and 10-meal plans all start their counts on Sunday breakfast and end at Saturday dinner.

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What if I miss a meal?

All students registered on the meal plan are allowed to replace prior missed meals with a meal replacement in the Commons from 1:45–4:00 p.m/ Monday through Friday without needing approval from the Dining Services office. If you are still unable to receive a meal within this time frame complete the Meal Replacement form. Click here for more details on meal replacements.

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When can I get a Meal Replacement?

If your schedule does not permit you to replace your meal during this time you may apply for an Approved Meal Replacement Card.

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What comes with a Meal Replacement?

Since Meal Replacements are not a typical part of a student meal plan they are subject to change without notice. Click here to see our current Meal Replacement offerings.

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What is the Dining Services Card?

The Dining Services Card provides the convenience and ease of purchasing food at a Moody Dining Services location without needing to carry cash. This gift card can be used at all Moody Dining Services locations.

  • MBI saves money each time you use your Dining Services Card instead of always using your credit card (each credit card swipe incurs transaction fees)
  • Easy and convenient
  • Great for anyone on campus or visiting
  • Preload with as much as desired (Starting at $10)
  • Reloading is easy through any register or the Dining Services office

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How do I get a Dining Services Card?

Dining Services Cards may be purchased at Joe’s, The Commons, in the Dining Services office or with our online form.

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What if my Dining Service Card gets lost or stolen?

It is easy to remove and transfer funds if your Dining Service Card is lost or stolen
(must register by sending an e-mail with your name, ID number and card number to for this service)

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I just went up to Joe’s and they were closed. Why?

Joe’s sometimes closes for special events in the Fellowship Hall that require privacy or a lower noise level. Please check our Dining Services announcements page to see what is listed that will affect Joe’s hours. Click here to see Joe’s regular hours.

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Do I set up events through Catering or through EGS?

If your event requires setup from any department in addition to Dining Services we recommend that you put your request through Event and Guest Services. They will make sure that all of the necessary departments such as Facilities and ETS have been contacted.

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How do I know when my Coffee Supply order is ready to be picked up?

Once your order has been filled, you will receive a phone call from Catering letting you know that your order is ready.

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Where can I pick up my Coffee Supply order?

Completed Coffee Supply orders are placed on a shelf outside the Catering Kitchen in the Smith basement. Remember, for a small fee we would be happy to deliver your order to you as soon as it is ready.

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Can I reconfigure the furniture for my event?

Room set-ups can be arranged through Facilities via the Work Order Form

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How do I order Edwardo’s Pizza?

Edwardo’s orders placed through the Dining Services Office will be given the Institute’s discounted price of $14 per pizza plus a 10 percent tip. Please order at least one business day in advance of your need to ensure timely delivery. Click here for more important information and to place your order

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What do I do with my Edwardo’s pizza order invoice?

Invoices from Edwardo’s must be given to Rachel in the Dining Services office within five business days of the event. An administrative fee of $25 will be charged for invoices that arrive late.

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How do I replace money eaten in vending machines?

Please contact the Dining Services office in order to alert us of malfunctioning machines and to receive back money that has been eaten.

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How do I get a student job in Dining Services?

Dining Services loves to hire student workers. Please download our student application and send it back to

Some tips to keep in mind when applying:

  • The best time to apply is as soon as you know your schedule for the next semester
  • This is Dining Services so free blocks of time during meal times are favorable … even on weekends

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Where does Moody’s food come from?

  • MBI’s primary food supplier is Gordon Food Service (GFS). GFS’s long history of Christian values and ethics has been rudimentary in MBI’s long-standing relationship with them. They take great care in the quality of food they supply.
  • Besides GFS, MBI also uses several local vendors to supply your food; vendors such as Alpha Baking, Dunkin Donuts, El Milagro, and honey from a local bee farmer who happens to be related to our own Professor Wilkinson.

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