Meal Plans

As an important part of community and fellowship at Moody Bible Institute, meal plans are required for all undergraduate students living in the Houghton, Smith, Culbertson and Dryer dorms.

Meal Plan FAQs

Why is the meal plan required?

The requirement of the meal plan for on-campus Chicago students is twofold:

  1. Since Moody Bible Institute offers a tuition-paid education (Chicago), we are not able to make the meal plan an optional element for the on-campus student experience.
  2. The community and fellowship that exists within the Student Dining Room are impossible to duplicate in any other setting. It is strongly encouraged for those who are not required to use the meal plan still participate in the SDR meals.

Which meal plan should I choose?

On-Campus Undergrad options include a 20- and 15-meal plan. Commuter, married and Seminary students have a wider variety of options to provide meals as needed.

Who do I contact about changing/purchasing meal plans?
The Dining Services Office can be reached at (312) 329-4324 or Changes to already purchased plans must be made by the end of the second week of classes each semester.

What if I have a special diet?
A Dietary Accommodations Application can be submitted to the Office of Student Resources.  To request an aplication contact or  Instructions to complete the application are in the Dietary Accommodations section.

When does the week begin and end for the weekly meal plans?
The 20-, 15-, and 10-meal plans all start their counts on Sunday morning and end on Saturday night. 

What if I miss a meal? 
All students registered on the meal plan are allowed to replace missed meals with a meal replacement in The Commons during a general meal replacement time of Monday-Friday from 1:45PM-4:00PM. If you are still unable to receive a meal within this time frame, email to ask for a Meal Replacement Card Request form for approval outside of the general time.

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