Student Dining Room 

Located in the lower level of the Alumni Student Center, the Student Dining Room (SDR) contains a wide variety of healthy, fresh food options.  Along with the main entrée, we serve a vegetarian option, deli bar, pizza, a variety of desserts and have a non-certified gluten free area which is accessible to students qho have ben approved for a gluten free accomadatin (see Meal Plan Accommodations section). The SDR is the primary place for students to build community within their floors.

Our Goals

We desire to provide the students, faculty, and employees with an abundance of wholesome food options to allow our guests to manage their own balanced diets in a pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere. We strive to diligently and faithfully care for the needs of those we serve by equipping employees to become knowledgeable, capable and hospitable, working with quality food products and professional equipment.

We will always see the guest as the first priority, and serve them through consistency in:

  • Food—Continually striving for excellence and never taking shortcuts in our ingredients, preparation, and service
  • Character—Operating successfully within a team with integrity and loving honesty
  • Care—Fostering an environment of hospitality that ministers to the whole person 


Use Food Service Funds

Use your Food Service Funds and avoid carrying cash. It’s simple and easy to use!

Every purchase counts. We want to support you with excellent service, and in turn, you support Moody by purchasing from us. Load your fob or a gift card with Food Service Funds with a single transaction and use it all semester long! There are no transaction fees associated with the Food Service Funds as there are with credit cards. So, Moody saves money each time you use your Food Service Funds instead of your credit card, and all Food Service revenue goes right back into the Institute.

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