Residence Halls

Moody Bible Institute has three housing facilities to accommodate its on-campus students. Culbertson hall  provides accommodations for Undergraduate male students. Houghton hall and Smith hall (floors 4&5) provide accommodations for Undergraduate female students. 


The residence hall community is designed to provide the student with meaningful relationships that will shape his or her character. Because of Moody’s commitment to community and mentoring, we have chosen to maintain a mix of majors, ages, and classes on each floor. We accomplish this by reserving approximately 25 percent of the rooms on each floor for new students. 


Culbertson Hall (Culby)

Culby_2Culbertson Hall houses male students in a 19-story building with three elevators and a large laundry facility in the basement. The second floor of Culby is home to Moody Central, a solutions-based service center for students. Moody Central includes the following departments: Academic RecordsCareer Development Center, Financial Aid, International Students OfficePCM/Field Education, Residence Life, Student Accounts and Student Development.


Culby_2Floors 3–19 each house approximately 30 students and one Resident Assistant per floor in double occupancy rooms. Moody provides a twin bed, desk, chair and dresser for each student. Each floor has a lounge with a kitchenette, large community bathroom, and a community storage room. Culbertson Hall is air conditioned in the summer. A male Residence Supervisor lives in an apartment on the 18th floor.


Houghton Hall

Houghton_3Houghton Hall houses women in a ten-story building with two elevators and a large laundry facility in the basement. On the first floor, there is a 24-hour computer lab complete with printer, two female Residence Supervisor's offices and a large, comfortable seating area with a TV.


The second floor is divided between student housing and a general purpose room that features a fireplace, couches, lamps, two TVs, a large table for playing games and two prayer rooms. This space is occasionally used for student events. A female Residence Supervisor lives in an apartment on the second floor.


Houghton_3Floors 3–10 have north and west wings with two Resident Assistants per floor. Both wings share a common lounge, kitchen, bathroom and basement storage area. Moody provides for each resident student a twin bed, desk, desk chair, closet and dresser. There are double and single occupancy rooms on each floor. Every room has closet space and a sink and mirror. Each wing houses approximately 30 students. Each room has a student-controlled heating and air conditioning unit.


Smith Hall

Smith_2Smith Hall houses female students in an eight-story building with one elevator. Floors one through three contain offices for Counseling ServicesMoody Standard Newspaper, Health Service, Events and Guest Services and Admissions.


Floors 4–5 house approximately 35 students with one Resident Assistant per floor. These floors each have a lounge, kitchen, laundry room and storage room. Rooms are double occupancy with private bathrooms. Moody provides for each resident student a twin bed, desk, chair and dresser.


Smith_2Floors 6–7 house approximately 24 students with one Resident Assistant per floor. These floors are set up with apartments that each house three students. Each apartment has a bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette, refrigerator and living room. Both floors also have a lounge, laundry room and storage rooms.

The eighth floor of Smith has a female Residence Supervisor's apartment.

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