Resident Assistant Application Process

Applicants must download all of the following documents:

Resident Assistant Application Informational Packet (pdf)

The information packet includes necessary dates and directions for the application process and provides an overview of all RA programming, event obligations, and responsibilities. Please review the packet thoroughly and compare it to your schedule for the spring semester as well as the upcoming academic school year.

Resident Assistant Application (Fill out online form)

The Residence Life staff recommends that you type out your application essay questions in a separate document before transferring your answers to the application to avoid accidentally losing your progress.

Resident Assistant Reference Form

Please copy and send the Resident Assistant Reference Form link to two references: (1) a roommate and (2) a member of Moody’s faculty or staff. Please make sure to communicate the date the references are due.

RA Group Interview Sign-Up

Every person who applies will receive an RA Group Interview. Please sign up for the earliest possible interview you can attend.

If you have questions, please contact

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