Off-Campus Housing Options

A limited number of single undergraduate students are permitted to live off campus with approval from the Residence Life office. Applications for off-campus approval are due in September and February for the upcoming semester.

Married and Seminary students may choose to live on-campus if they wish. Contact to inquire. If living off-campus, several popular options with a close proximity to campus are available.

The Apartment People website provides a good overview of Chicago neighborhoods.

Off-Campus Living Requirements

 Off-Campus living is only reserved for those who meet the following criteria:

1. Must obtain a senior academic standing (90 credit hours) by the time they enter the semester which they desire to live off-campus.

2. Maintain a 2.50 or 2.0 GPA respectively

3. Exhibit a responsible Christian Character.

The only other way for a student to obtain off-campus status is if they are a graduate student, a married student, or in the Urban cohort program.

Recess Residence Reservation (RRR)

Students may stay on campus during break periods (Spring, Summer, Winter) with an approved Recess Residence Reservation (RRR). Reservations are approved if a student is working on or off campus, does not have a U.S. residence, or is taking a class. Reservations should be made at least a week in advance of the beginning of the break. There is an additional nightly cost to stay on campus over breaks. On campus student workers may be eligible for a discounted rate.

Off-Campus Option to Consider

If you need to stay in Chicago during a break period and are not approved for a RRR, check out the Chicago Getaway Hostel with special rates for MBI students. Private room options are available and breakfast is included! Stay on your own or coordinate with friends to stay together and split the cost.

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