Residence Life Frequently Asked Questions

How much storage is available on campus?
There is a limited amount of available storage space for students to use on their floor. This community storage space is shared by all of the students on the floor. Students are allowed to leave things in storage over breaks, but must remove all personal belongings when departing Moody.

What can we use to hang things on the walls?
Sticky tack or poster putty is the only adhesive that can be used to hang items. Any damage to the walls (paint chips, etc.) will be the student’s financial responsibility at move out.

What electronic devices and appliances are allowed in my room?
Microwaves and candle warmers are a few examples of electronic items not allowed in residence halls. For an extensive list, please see the Student Life Guide.

What containers sizes fit under beds?
There is enough space to put a thin storage unit, measured 43" x 19.5" x 6.7", under beds.

What items should I bring for community bathrooms?
We recommend students bring a shower caddy to tote items to and from the showers, a robe and flip flops.

What bed sheet sizes should I bring?
Students should bring extra long twin bed sheets.

My spouse and I are assigned to a room on Smith 7, what do I need to bring?
Married students living on Smith 7 are responsible for bringing their own kitchen utensils and cooking items.

When do students need to vacate the residence halls for break periods?  

Can students stay on campus over break periods (spring, summer, winter)? 
Yes, students may stay on campus during break periods with an approved Recess Residence Request (RRR) form. RRR forms are approved if students are working on or off campus or do not have a U.S. residence. There is an additional nightly cost to stay on campus over break. On-campus student workers may be eligible for a discounted rate.

Need to stay in Chicago during a break period and are not approved for an RRR?

Check out the Chicago Getaway Hostel with special rates for MBI students. Private room options are available and breakfast is included! Stay on your own or coordinate with friends to stay together and split the cost.

What furniture is provided in my Residence Hall Room?
Culbertson Hall - bed, wardrobe, desk, desk chair, hutch/ bookshelf

Houghton Hall – bed, closet, desk, desk chair, dresser, hutch/bookshelf

Smith Hall – bed, closet, desk, desk chair, dresser, hutch/bookshelf

*Note: Married housing in Smith Hall is unfurnished. 

Recommendations of items that can be helpful to bring to your Residence Hall Room:

  • Mattress pad
  • Plastic storage bin (up to 30 gallons)
  • Fan
  • Lamp
  • Small rug
  • Extension cords/surge protectors
  • Un-upholstered furniture
  • Mini fridge
  • Decorative lights (LED required)
  • Hamper

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