Moody in the United Kingdom | Summer 2023

THIS PROGRAM TAB FEATURES CLASSES AND PRICING OFFERED ONLY TO MOODY BIBLE INSTITUTE UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS. If you are an MTS Graduate student, please apply for Moody in The United Kingdom program in the tab below.

Program offering is subject to internal approval, minimum enrollment, and ongoing evaluation of local conditions, including enhanced health and safety reviews in light of COVID-19

About the Program

Enjoy this month-long program adventuring across Great Britain and take two 3 credit classes toward your degree! Highlights of the program include studying in the beautiful gothic city of Edinburgh, Scotland, a weekend trip to the Isle of Skye in the Highlands of Scotland, and a long weekend in London, England. 


Moody in the United Kingdom runs from May 14th to June 12th, 2023. Please refer to the schedule included in the informational flyer under the quick links to the right.

Courses Offered

Students may choose one of the following courses per session:


Session One

TRACK 1: ED 3340 Marriage and Family Systems - Mrs. Elizabeth Smith

Counts as a Social Science Elective

TRACK 2: BI 3312 Romans* - Mr. Brian Smith

*Bible & Theology Field Chair has agreed to waive prerequisites for this course



Session Two

TH 3320  Historical Theology II* - Dr. David Papendorf

Counts as a Theology Elective or an Open Elective

*Bible & Theology Field Chair has agreed to waive prerequisites for this course



Costs for Chicago Undergraduate Students:


ONLY SESSION 1 & Highlands Tour: $2,245 (WITHOUT AIRFARE)

ONLY SESSION 2 & Long weekend in London: $2245 (WITHOUT AIRFARE)

Program cost includes Highlands tour, long weekend in London, accommodations, medical insurance, & some meals. AIRFARE IS NOT INCLUDED

PLEASE NOTE: Online & Non-degree students are required to pay any tuition fees associated with the course they are taking in addition to the program cost ($380 per credit hour).

Requirements for Preliminary Acceptance:

  • Online Application
    • APPLICATION DEADLINE: February 24th, 2023.
    • Click the APPLY NOW button on the right
  • GPA Requirements
    • Students must have a minimum 2.0 GPA to study abroad abroad. Students on academic probation are not elligible to study abroad.
  • Disciplinary Background
    • Students cannot be on disciplinary probation at the time of application or at the time the student studies abroad. 
  • Care & Concern Check (Part 1)
    • All study abroad participants names will be screened by the Student Life & Title IX office.
      • The Student Life office will identify students on disciplinary probation.
      • If the Title IX office is aware of any students who have applied for the same program who have no contact orders, students who are under Title IX sanctions, or students who have a pending matter with the Title IX office that may interfere with theirs or other’s trip experience the Title IX office can offer a recommendation for how to proceed with applicant approval.

Requirements for Official Acceptance:

  • Deposit - A $500 deposit must be received by February 24th, 2023. If this poses an issue please contact the study abroad office ( about setting up a payment plan.
  • Deposit Payment Instructions
    For information on how to pay the deposit, reference these instructions. 

Requirements after Official Acceptance:

  • Care & Concern Check (Part 2)
    • All study abroad participants require a care & concern check through the Student Life office & Title IX office with input from Health Service, Counselling Services & the Student Resource Center as appropriate. The purpose of this check is to ensure that student needs are identified and supported/accomodated adequately.
  • Medical Questionaire
    • This form must be completed at least 8 weeks prior to departure
    • CLICK HERE to complete this form after you have been officially accepted to the program.
  • Student Account in Good Standing
    • Students cannot have any holds on their financial account at the time of enrollment in study abroad courses. 
  • Picture of Valid Passport
    • Please e-mail the first page of your valid passport to
    • Passports must be vaild for six months after your return date. Therefore, any passports expiring before December 13th, 2023 will need to be renewed. If you are currently renewing your passport or ordering a new passport you are still elligible as long as your passport will be recieved before program departure.
  • Visa
    • US Citizens do not need a visa to enter the United Kingdom. If you are an international student we can look at visa requirements for your passport issuing country.
  • Attendance of all Pre-Trip Orientation Sessions
    • Attendance at all pre-trip orientation sessions is required for participation. Make-up sessions will be granted to students who cannot attend due to conflicts such as PCM weekly ministry, work or class.

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