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"Moody In . . . " Programs

Join other Moody students in classrooms across the globe, learning from Moody professors and experiencing some of the world's most beautiful sites.

International Studies Program

Experience a semester in one of our international partner schools, living on campus and taking classes while immersed in a new culture.


Program locations include Israel, Greece, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.


Most study abroad programs are directed toward incoming sophomore or junior students. Courses vary depending on program location and correspond to the key Bible and theology components found in the optimal schedule for each major. 


Each study abroad program includes ministry opportunities in local communities. These opportunities allow each student to experience ministry in a cross-cultural context.

Be Transformed

Moody's Study Abroad programs not only give students the opportunity to learn in different cultures, they open students' eyes to the global church as it functions in different contexts, growing an appreciation for both the diversity and unity within the body of Christ.


Moody In . . . Study Abroad programs offer vouchers for online and summer school or J-Term courses as part of the included program courses. Vouchers may not be used for courses other than the type specified (e.g. if a program offers a voucher for an online course, it may not be used for a summer school course and vice versa). Please refer to each individual program to verify which voucher (if any) is offered.

Vouchers are valid for two years after the program. For online courses, vouchers can be used for either eight-week or self-paced courses. Independent studies are not included in the online voucher. Vouchers may be used for up to a three credit-hour course. Vouchers may only be used after a student is confirmed in a program and has paid the full program cost.

To use a voucher, a student must first enroll in the course of his or her choice. Once enrolled in the course, when a charge appears on the student's account, an e-mail with the subject "Voucher" must be sent with the following information to in order to have the voucher applied:

  • Student Name and ID (example: Joe Smith, ID 1234567)
  • Trip Attended (example: Moody in Germany Spring 2015)
  • Professor Name: (example: Dr. Smith)
  • Full Course Name and Number (example: GSU-2250-01 (1628) Introduction to Philosophy)
  • Method (example: eight-week online, self-paced online, summer school, or J-term)
  • Cost (the charge that is posted to the student's account for the course) 

Vouchers will not be applied until the student has emailed the complete list of above information.

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