International Studies Program

About the ISP

The International Studies Program is designed to give students the opportunity to study abroad in a cross-cultural context. Moody has partner schools in several different countries worldwide. Moody students are able to study at these partner schools for a semester, or in some cases a full year, and transfer credits earned back to their Moody degree. The ISP will broaden students' horizons by allowing them to experience life, ministry, and learning in different cultures. The ISP is recommended for sophomore and junior level students.

Courses Offered

Courses available to students vary depending on the partner school at which they choose to study. The most common courses of study are Bible and theology electives. Therefore, it is recommended that students interested in the ISP save their elective courses for their semester(s) abroad.


Partner schools run during both fall and spring semesters. The exact dates vary from school to school. In most cases, the semesters do not align exactly with Moody's fall and spring schedules.


Spending a semester overseas at one of Moody’s partnering schools usually costs a bit more than a semester at Moody Bible Institute’s Chicago campus.  However the cost varies dramatically based on the individual’s school choice.  Besides tuition, students are reminded to factor in the cost of airfare and living expenses. 

Please note that PELL grants cannot be applied to Study Abroad Semesters with Partnership Schools.

In order to maintain status as a Moody student a $100 ISP fee will be placed on your account.  This fee allows you to access your e-mail and the resources found on the Moody portal while you are studying abroad.

It is the student’s responsibility to secure the details of their health insurance.  Make sure you check with your health care provider, either Moody’s or your parent’s, to make sure you are covered while in the ISP program.  Most insurance companies require that a student be enrolled in 12 credit hours or more to be considered full-time.  If you have already enrolled in Moody’s insurance plan, you are responsible to make your insurance payment for the semester you will be abroad.


The application for the ISP is a multi-step process. First, you must complete the Preliminary Application which includes a Faculty Reference form. The Faculty Reference must be completed by a faculty member that has taught (or is currently teaching) you.

Please e-mail for the preliminary application.

Completed applications can be submitted to the Study Abroad Office, Sweeting 302. Applications may also be e-mailed to

Your GPA must be 2.3 or higher and you must not have any “holds” on your record. You must also be cleared through Student Accounts and the Dean’s office and Student Development.

Once you have submitted a completed Preliminary Application, the Study Abroad Office will set up a meeting with you to discuss the process in greater detail.  This meeting is very important as it will give you the tools to complete your Formal Application and offer necessary information about your study abroad experience.


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