Health Service Policies

General Policies

  • Each student is personally responsible to pay in a timely manner for any and all health care related expenses incurred while in attendance at Moody. 
  • You must have a prescription from a licensed physician to possess syringes, needles, lancets or any other injectable medication on campus. Your sharps container may be hand delivered to Health Service for proper disposal.
  • Moody does not provide transportation to or from off campus medical care.
  • Questions about the Moody insurance plan should be addressed with the Student Insurance administrator by calling (312) 329-4367.
  • Regular allergy injections must be delivered off campus at a medical facility. 
  • Students may not have health care workers come to their residence hall. Further no students are to practice any healing art or therapy in the residence halls. Students who are health care practitioners are not allowed to practice on campus unless employed by Moody.

After Hours Care
Please see your RA or the Culby desk to alert the RS on duty. You may also contact Public safety by calling (312) 329-4357.  For emergencies call 911.

Bring With You to Health Service

  • A valid insurance ID card at the time of service.
  • Be prepared to pay for services via cash, check or credit card. 

Absence Due to Illness Note
If you miss 2 or more days of class due to illness, emergency surgery or injury, please contact the Student Development office with your condition and the dates you were out or are planning to be out. Student Development will then send an official note to your professors as to the nature of your absence.

This note can be used as documentation if you need to obtain overcut appeals. 

Required Health Forms

Completed health forms should be turned in by July 15 for the fall semester and Jan. 1 for the spring semester. Late matriculates can bring completed health forms with them the first day of class and deliver to the Health Service office located on Smith 2.

Moody Bible Institute Undergraduate
All accepted students taking 6 credit hours or more on campus classes or independent study courses must submit original required health forms to be in compliance with the State of Illinois.

Click here for required forms

Moody Theological Seminary
All Chicago seminary students taking 6 credits or more must submit original required health forms to be in compliance with the State of Illinois. 

Click here for required forms 

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