Meningitis Vaccine

Meningococcal Meningitis is a rare but potentially dangerous illness. Although the risk for contracting this disease is low for the general population, there is a greater potential risk of outbreaks for college-aged students due to a prevalence of risk factors that are often part of campus life. For Moody students, the major risk factor is dormitory living. As a preventative measure, officials from the Illinois Department of Health and the American College Health Association have recommended that Moody Bible Institute offer information about and access to the vaccine.

Who Should Consider the Vaccination? 

  • Any student 30 years of age or younger (not pregnant) who elects to decrease the risk for disease
  • Students 30 years of age or younger (not pregnant) who have component deficiencies or who have had their spleens removed, who elect to decrease their risk for disease.
  • Anyone traveling to areas of the world where the disease is known to be endemic.

Vaccine Facts

  • It takes at least two weeks for your body to build up complete immunity after receiving the Meningitis vaccine. If you decide to receive the vaccine, it is recommended that you do so at least two weeks prior to arriving on campus.
  • You will be required to sign an informed consent before the vaccine is administered.
  • Currently the vaccine is unavailable at Moody's Health Service. If you plan to get the vaccine, please do not wait until you arrive on campus without first contacting the Health Service Department.

Don't Delay. Get Your Shot, Today! 

If you have any questions please contact Health Service at (312) 329-4417.

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