General Information

Chapel is a requirement each semester for graduation for residential undergraduate students. It is a Pass/Fail course based on your attendance. Regularly scheduled chapels take place Tuesday–Friday at 10 a.m. in the Torrey-Gray Auditorium.

Please take care to read this information in its entirety prior to contacting Student Life with questions or concerns.


Chapel is an opportunity to pause in the midst of your homework, classes, work and social commitments together as a community of believers to focus on God, to remember His presence WITH you, and to receive nourishment for your soul. We hope you will take advantage of the unique opportunity it is to have a specially carved out time for connecting to God and others. 

Attendance Policy

Students will be allowed eight chapel cuts per semester and one "grace" cut per semester for forgetting or losing their FOB (any further absence due to not having a FOB will count as a cut). Students have one day after each recorded absence to appeal it. 

Students Living Off-Campus

Non-residential students are encouraged to attend chapel but are not required. 

FOB Readers

There are 18 FOB readers located at the entrances of Torrey-Gray, including the balcony area, and they are labeled "Chapel Attendance." Students will need to FOB in for attendance to be recorded. Students will be able to FOB in between 9:45–10:01 a.m. The FOB readers will still be activated between 10:01–10:10 a.m., but students who FOB in during this time will be recorded as tardy.

Chapel Excuse Form 

Work and Internship Exemptions

(Work and internship issues will be the only excused absences)

Students seeking work exemptions must arrange their work schedule so that they are in chapel at least one of the three chapel days every week. Students must complete a Chapel Excuse Form and have it approved by the Student Life at the beginning of every semester for this exemption. This exemption will not be granted without the Chapel Excuse Form.

For any day that a student receives a work exemption from chapel, two of their eight chapel cuts will be removed. If a student misses a chapel due to work that is not regularly scheduled (i.e. filling in for a sick co-worker), he/she will have one day after the chapel they missed to submit the Chapel Excuse Form. After one day, this will become a permanent chapel absence on their record.

Exceptions will not be given for PCM, illness, off-campus class trips or meetings with faculty and staff.

Students will need to use their allotted absences for these instances.

Communication with Students

All communication with a student regarding his/her chapel record will be made through e-mail. If a student exceeds his/her allotted cuts for the semester, the appropriate action as described in the Student Life Guide will take place.

You should be checking your chapel attendance online regularly to ensure that you do not over-cut. If you over-cut chapel, you will need to speak with the Associate Dean of Students. Please schedule an appointment by emailing quickly to remedy the over-cut situation.

Please contact us at for questions or concerns regarding your chapel attendance. 


Spring 2023 Chapel Schedule (PDF)

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