Student Organizations

Why Student Leadership?

Student life at Moody includes much more than merely academic coursework and ministry training opportunities. Moody offers a wide range of exciting ways for students to get involved on campus and in the community.

Moody student groups and organizations exist to edify and mature our student body, honing students' gifts and broadening their knowledge of the world. Each of Moody's student groups has a specific focus and also helps to give students an opportunity to learn about issues such as leadership, cross-cultural understanding, mentoring, outreach, media, and personal wellness.

The Office of Student Programs advises student groups, organizations and class councils in the areas of leadership, budgeting, planning and the facilitation of campus-wide events. For more information, please contact Student Programs. 

Group Types

Leadership   Student Media
Service   Support
Culture   Sports Clubs
Art, Music and Theater   Varsity Athletics
Music Ensembles    




Student Group Association (SGA)*
The members of SGA seek to represent student concerns to the faculty and administration of Moody as well as provide social, spiritual, intellectual and physical stimuli to the student body through a variety of programs.



The service of this club is to stimulate fresh thinking among the Moody community regarding the integration of faith and justice.

Big Brother/Big Sister
Big Brother/Big Sister is an organization that affords ministry opportunities, such as friendship evangelism and discipleship to local children.

Child & Family Awareness Ministry (C-FAM)
The purpose of this club is to educate, equip, and encourage the involvement of the student body regarding ministry to children.

Frontlines Homeless Ministry
The desire of Frontlines is to minister to the homeless through first ministering to their physical and emotional needs.

Moody Debate Society
The Moody Debate Society is an organization that will give students the opportunity to clash their minds on the issues facing the world. 

National School Project (NSP)
The purpose of NSP is to recruit and train college students to coach and mentor Chicago public high school students to reach their campuses for Christ.

Ratio Christi
Ratio Christi seeks to encourage and strengthen the faith of students while sharing Christ's message and love by the use of intellectual investigation and apologetics. 

Resident Activities Council (RACO)*
The Resident Activities Council (RACO) exists for the purpose of planning non-academic activities and programs for the student body.

Seen's objective is to honor God in advocating justice locally and globally through prayer, raising awareness, and practical application. 

Student Missions Fellowship (SMF)*
The purpose of Student Missions Fellowship (SMF) is to give information, provide opportunities and encourage students to become involved in the ministry of missions.

Student Outreach
The Student Outreach is a student-led ministry designed to provide students with opportunities to communicate with Chicago's inner city.

Student Theological Society (STS)
STS is dedicated to furthering the educational scope of its members through debate, research, and discussion of theological and social issues.

Timothy Project
Timothy Project’s purpose is to invite students to speak and critique one another. This allows for interaction with local pastors to gain insights into pastoral responsibilities and wisdom.

The purpose of Zoe is to raise awareness of the lives threatened by abortion. 



Embrace is an organization designed to involve, support, and minister to the African-American students on campus, and to promote multicultural sensitivity throughout the Moody community.

International Students Fellowship (ISF)
ISF is an organization which exists to provide fellowship and assistance to the international students at Moody and sponsors social activities.

Kesher is open to students who have an interest in gaining further understanding of Jewish culture and would like to be involved in ministry opportunities to the Jewish community.

Korean Student Fellowship (KSF)
KSF exists to bridge the gap and embrace each other's cultural differences among the diverse student bodies of Moody. 

MuKappa is a fellowship for "MKs," missionary kids, and seeks to offer support to MKs as they repatriate to life in the United States. MuKappa sponsors various outings throughout the school year.

Puente is open to students who have an interest in gaining further understanding of Hispanic culture and would like to be involved in ministry opportunities to the Hispanic community.


Art, Music, and Theater 

Ad Vivum
Ad Vivum travels to area schools and churches to present the message of true life in Christ through the medium of drama.

Art Society
Art Society offers the student body opportunities to create and display their artwork. Art shows and workshops are also sponsored by the club.

Gleanings establishes a literary presence on campus to kindle passion for poetic expression.

Informal is a live comedy and impromptu show put on by students several times each semester. Each sketch is written and performed by a team of students.

Shadowbox is a dramatic arts production team that exists to create community, opportunity, and growth for the whole of the student body. 

Zion's purpose is to worship God through various styles of dance, Bible study, and fellowship while improving on the individual's ability. 


Music Ensembles 

For information on the music ensembles, please contact the Music Department at 312-329-4082 or


Student Media

The Arch
The Arch staff produces Moody's annual yearbook, which contains pictures and articles of events that took place at Moody during the year. 

Illuminate Productions
Illuminate Productions is a group of storytellers that use the medium of audio to engage audiences and individuals through radio drama.

XN Campus Radio
XN is the campus-based student radio station. The station offers opportunities for communications majors to sharpen their broadcasting skills. 



Bonded exists to educate the student body to promote unity amongst all students in regards to physical disabilities. 

Journey Together
Journey Together is a mentoring program for female students to link students with graduate students and female staff or faculty. 

Men's Ministry
The Men's Ministry goal is to address the issues facing men realistically and biblically, in order to come to an understanding of biblical, realistic manhood. 

This is an employee-run club with the purpose of meeting a need in the male student body of facilitating student relationships with older men. 

Student Wives Fellowship
The Student Wives Fellowship program provides support for the wives of MBI students through times of fellowship. 

Women's Ministry
The Women's Ministry exists to present the opportunity for women to be disciples in both small groups and one-on-one. 


Sports Clubs

Moody Dodge Ball Club
The Moody Dodgeball Club's mission is to evangelize to students on other college campuses by using the sport of dodgeball as a tool for building relationships.

Women's Soccer Club
Women's Soccer Club provides the opportunity for women to play soccer in a team setting or be a competitive physical activity for an interest that is not offered as a varsity sport.


Varsity Sports

For information on the varsity teams or intramurals, please contact Solheim at (312) 329-4440.


*The three groups with the asterisk are Student Organizations that have been in existence longer than the other groups. Leaders in the organizations are voted upon by the student body, whereas leaders in the groups are voted upon by their councils. 

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