Programs Offered

The Student Programs Office offers the following programs for the student body:

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The MBI Commuter Pantry

We in the Student Programs Office are excited to launch our newest program, the MBI Commuter Pantry! This service will launch in the Spring 2021 Semester. Donations may be dropped off at either the Student Programs Office or the Game Room Office. Please email our department so we may schedule a drop-off time with you. At this point, we are only accepting food that does not require refrigeration.

Interested in helping us get started or becoming a pantry user? Click here to view more information about how to donate or sign up.

Student Wives Fellowship

The Student Wives Fellowship (SWF) program provides timely Biblical teachings, practical marriage support, and fun and friendship-building times of prayer and fellowship for student wives and the wives of MBI and MTS. 

The Student Wives Boutique*

*The Student Wives Boutique is currently closed due to Covid-19.

SWF oversees the Student Wives Boutique, a unique program that Moody offers to student wives. This boutique contains donations that student wives may take free of charge. There is an assortment of gently used kid’s clothes, shoes, toys, baby gear, women's clothing, and interior decor. These items may be taken on a first-come-first-serve basis. When student wives no longer need an item or have a child who has outgrown their clothing, they may donate these items to the boutique.

Please contact the Student Programs Office if you are interested in donating gently used items to the Student Wives Boutique.

The Baby Room

The Baby Room is offered to mothers who need to privately feed their infants and small children. It includes a couch, a lamp, a table, a small refrigerator, electrical outlets, and decorations that create a relaxed environment. 

Please contact Student Programs if you are interested in utilizing this room. The ASC Assistant located in the Game Room Office may also assist with opening this room for you.

Commuter Lockers

Commuters may rent out one of Moody's Commuter Lockers located on the second floor of the Alumni Student Center. This is especially helpful for storing coats in the cold, winter months.

Lockers may be rented out at the Student Programs Office located on the second floor of the Alumni Student Center.

  • A $30 reimbursable deposit will be added to your school bill for the use of this locker. At the end of the academic year, you will receive the deposit back in cash when you check-in your locker.
  • You must use our locks. If you damage or lose our lock you will lose your deposit.
  • Summer school students may continue to use the locker until summer classes have ended. You must come to the Student Programs Office before the end of the Spring Semester to let us know that you will be using your locker for summer classes. Once your classes have ended for the summer, you will need to check-in your locker to receive your reimbursable deposit.
  • If you do not clean out your locker and notify Student Programs you will lose your locker deposit.

U-Pass Program

For more information on the U-Pass program, check out the U-Pass page and U-Pass FAQ Page.

Notary Services

The Associate Dean of Student Programs serves as a Notary Public for our Moody Students. The Notary serves as an impartial witness in performing a variety of official fraud-deterrent acts related to the signing of important documents. Absentee ballots, waivers for student internships, and travel documents are examples of types of documents that can be notarized. Please follow the instructions on the document to be notarized and remember to bring a photo ID at the time of signing.

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