Moody Bible Institute hosts two annual conferences that are required for students to attend.

Conference Attendance Policy

Excused Absences

Excused absences are PCM, regularly scheduled on- or off-campus employment or illness (registered at Health Service). For each required session missed due to an excused absence, another session must be substituted during the conference to equal the required number of sessions.

On Campus Employment

Student employees working in Customer Service, Moody Distance Learning, EMM, Facilities, Food-Service or Public Safety who are required to work extra hours on campus due to the conference itself do not need to substitute for sessions missed while working. You do need to submit copy of your work schedule to the Office of Student Programs, along with submitting the Application for Excused Absence Form online to verify the missed sessions.

Conference Excuse Form

If your schedule does not allow you to attend the required number of sessions you will need to submit an Application for Excused Absence Form online prior to the start of the conference. You may also need to make an appointment to see the Associate Dean for Student Programs prior to the conference for approval. Please call the Office of Student Programs at ext. 4206 to schedule an appointment.

Commuter Students

You are not required to attend the required number of sessions for the conferences. However, commuter students should attend sessions during their scheduled class time. This includes sessions that overlap with classes by 30 minutes. All commuter students need to submit an excuse for indicating how many sessions they will attend.

Please submit a printed copy of your class schedule with the Absence Request Form prior to the conference.

Submitting Reports

Reports are due between the end of the closing session and midnight, on the Thursday following the close of the conference. Students will submit these forms online (

Late Reports

Students who submit their report after 11:59 p.m. on the Thursday following the close of the conference will be charged $20. 

All undergraduate students are required to complete the online Founder's Week Conference Attendance Form.

Full-time employees, Distance Learning students and graduate students are exempt.

Absence Consequences

Attendance deficiencies are considered a serious matter. Students with a deficiency of one session will be given a Formal Reprimand. Students with a deficiency of two will be placed on Conference Probation. More than two may jeopardize the students stay at Moody.

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