Commuter Student Information

Off-campus students are required to attend chapel on a regular basis. Regardless of course load, the student is responsible to be in chapel if they have a class immediately before (including 8 a.m. classes that end at 9:45 a.m.) and/or immediately after chapel (including 11 a.m. classes).

There will be exceptions made for those students who do not have a class directly before or directly after the chapel hour, but a Chapel Excuse Form must be completed at the beginning of every semester for those exemptions.

If classes are canceled on a chapel day when the commuter's schedule requires them to attend chapel, they will be excused from chapel. However, the student will need to complete a Chapel Excuse Request form indicating that their classes were canceled for that former day.

Total Exemption from Chapel

You must be a commuter student who does not have classes surrounding the Chapel hour. You must complete a Chapel Excuse Form and submit a copy of your class schedule to the Office of Student Programs before approval will be given. You may also be asked to schedule an appointment with Joe Gonzales, the Associate Dean for Student Programs, to further to explain your request. 

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