General Information

The following is intended to answer questions related to how Chapel will be held this semester. Please take care to read this information in its entirety prior to contacting Student Programs with questions or concerns.

Chapel will be held at 10:00 AM Tuesday through Friday unless otherwise specified in your Chapel Canvas Course. Tuesday President’s Chapel, Wednesday Worship Chapel, and Thursday’s Chapel will all be recorded for you to view in your own time. Please keep in mind that it takes 24 hours for the recorded President’s Chapel to be uploaded and posted to Moody’s website.


Chapel is an opportunity to pause in the midst of your homework, classes, work and social commitments together as a community of believers to focus on God, to remember His presence WITH you, and to receive nourishment for your soul. I hope you will take advantage of the unique opportunity it is to have a specially carved out time for connecting to God and others. 

Chapel is also a requirement each semester for graduation. It is a Pass/Fail Course currently based on your attendance. A Chapel course has been added to your Canvas homepage where you can access information related to available chapel offerings as well as record your participation.

Attendance Policy

In order to complete your chapel requirement for the Spring 2021 semester, you will need to "attend" a total of 28 chapel sessions virtually. (Approximately 50 chapel sessions will be offered.) Since many of these sessions can be accessed “on demand,” there will be no need for chapel excuses or adjustments for commuters or part-time students. Exceptions will only be determined at the discretion of the Associate Dean of Student Programs.

Recording Your Attendance
Each week, you will complete up to four "quizzes" indicating whether or not you participated in each of the chapel offerings for the week. Each chapel offering in which you participate and complete the quiz will earn you one point. You must record your attendance within one week of the chapel being posted.

Once you complete 28 points, you will have met the chapel requirement to pass for Spring 2021. You are still welcomed and encouraged to participate in chapel after that, however. 

Chapel Offerings Weekly Overview:

  • Tuesday | President's Chapel
    These chapels will be live streamed via a link posted in the Chapel course in Canvas under the corresponding module. You may watch in real time or view a recording of the session. The recorded President’s Chapel will be posted within 24 hours of the live session’s completion.
  • Wednesday | Worship Chapel
    These chapels will be pre-recorded and posted to the Chapel course in Canvas under each week's module. Music leaders host 30 minutes for students to come together in communal worship and praise. Note: The video will only be available to watch from Wednesday to the Tuesday of the next week.   
  • Thursday | Video with Guest Speakers
    These chapels will be pre-recorded sessions posted to the Chapel course in Canvas under each week's module. There will also be instructions posted about how to complete a related personal reflection activity. Note: The video will only be available to watch from Thursday to the Wednesday of the next week.
  • Friday | Prayer
    These chapels will be held via Zoom for 40 minutes where students will be able to spend time together in prayer. More information will be listed in the module for each week. 

You can complete any combination of these four options throughout each week for a possibility of 4 points per week. A total of 28 points completes your requirements.

Instructions for Viewing and Marking Attendance for Chapel
To access a particular chapel, select your “Undergraduate Chapel” course on Canvas. On the homepage of this course, all chapels are labeled with their dates and titles and organized into the weeks of the semester. Select the chapel you would like to watch. If this is a President’s Chapel, a link to that specific chapel on Moody’s Chapel Archive page will be provided. If it is another previously-aired chapel, the video will be available to you on the page. For each chapel, a blue “Take the Quiz” button will also appear right below the link or video. Complete this quiz to submit your attendance.

Communication with Students
All communication with a student regarding his/her chapel record will be made through e-mail. 

You should be checking your chapel attendance online regularly to ensure that you will attend 28 chapels by the end of the semester. Attending with less than this will result with needing to speak with the Associate Dean of Student Programs. Please schedule an appointment with the Student Programs Office quickly to discuss attendance.

If a student attends less than 28 chapels in a semester, the appropriate action as described in the Student Life Guide will take place, including possible chapel probation or academic dismissal.

Please contact us at for questions or concerns regarding your chapel attendance. 

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