Attendance Policy 

Basic Chapel Information

Regularly scheduled chapels take place Tuesday–Thursday at 10 a.m. in the Torrey-Gray Auditorium. Occasional Friday chapels will be required. Every Undergraduate student is required to attend chapel.

Chapel Cuts

Students will be allowed eight chapel cuts per semester and one "grace" cut per semester for forgetting or losing their FOB (any further absence due to not having a FOB will count as a cut). Students have one day after each recorded absence to appeal it. 

FOB Readers

There are 18 FOB readers located at the entrances of Torrey-Gray, including the balcony area, and they are labeled "Chapel Attendance." Students will need to FOB in for attendance to be recorded. Students will be able to FOB in between 9:45–10:01 a.m. The FOB readers will still be activated between 10:01–10:10 a.m., but students who FOB in during this time will be recorded as tardy.

Communication With Students

All communication with a student regarding his/her chapel record will be made through e-mail. If a student exceeds his/her allotted cuts for the semester, the appropriate action as described in the Student Life Guide will take place, including possible chapel probation or academic dismissal.

You should be checking your chapel attendance online regularly to insure that you do not over-cut. If you over-cut chapel you will need to speak with the Associate Dean for Student Programs. Please schedule an appointment with the Office of Student Programs quickly to remedy the over-cut situation.

Please contact us at for questions or concerns regarding your chapel attendance. 

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