The Student Programs Office

The Student Programs Office advises student organizations and class councils in the areas of leadership, budgeting, planning, and the facilitation of campus-wide events. 

The Student Programs Office offers a variety of programs for Moody students, such as the undergraduate U-Pass transportation program, the Moody Bible Institute Commuter Pantry, and notary services. Please view the "Programs Offered" section for more information about programing.

The Student Programs Office also manages chapel and conference attendance for undergraduate students.

The Alumni Student Center

The Student Programs Office oversees the Alumni Student Center (ASC) building, which is the crossroads of the Chicago campus. The second floor of ASC houses conference rooms, the Fellowship Hall, student organization offices, Joe's Coffee Shop, the game room, and the Student Programs Office.

The Activity Center on the second floor of ASC offers a private setting for group functions, such as brother/sister events, special organization presentations, and other activities.

The commuter area on the second floor of ASC has vending machines for meals on the run. For students who wish to bring meals, this area houses microwave ovens, a toaster, tables, and a sink to wash dishes. Commuter lockers are also available in this area for commuter students to rent for the academic year.

All rooms on ASC 2 are to be reserved through Events, Marketing and Management for internal and external events.

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