Student Care

The staff of the Student Life department serves as co-educators and spiritual leaders who love and lead the student body. We intentionally shape the MBI culture so that students mature in Christ. We attempt to lead students through life-giving relationships that add value, deepen character, and encourage development in each student. Our residence hall program is intended to provide a training ground for leadership and ministry because we believe in students’ potential as ministers and leaders. We seek to serve students from a posture of love and respect, not fear and control. This redeeming, relational love is the context in which we strive to maintain rules and exercise discipline.

It is to this end that we care for students and help them to grow in every aspect of their lives. We desire to see students reach their full potential and take hold of the gifts that the Lord has given them. Our goal is that students would leave Moody as whole individuals who love the Lord, love others, and serve for the advancement of the kingdom.  

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