Why did my Copy Job Default to 2-Sided?

Copy jobs which are not marked 1-sided or 2-sided will be run as 2-sided jobs, in a continuing effort to be good stewards of our environment.*

What if There is Incomplete or Incorrect Information in my Job Request  

Missing or wrong information will either delay or stop the completion of your copy job.

What will I Receive When I Submit a Copy Center Electronic Requisition?

  • Immediate confirmation on screen of your order
  • Followed by e-mail confirmation of that order
  • E-mail notification of completion and cost of the order

What Format Should I use for Master (Original) When Copying?

Hard copies should be on white paper and no smaller than 8½" x 11". Ask us about compatible e-files and wide-format printing.

Can I Print Copyrighted Materials?

It is the responsibility of the person requesting copies of copyrighted materials to obtain the proper permission to print.

* We encourage the use of papers that contain at least 50% recycled and 30% post-consumer fiber.

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