Moody in Germany and Switzerland – Spring

About the Program

Moody in Germany and Switzerland is designed to provide significant exposure to German culture and the evangelical church in Germany. Students will be expected to attend a local church and be involved in ministry, and may take up to four courses while abroad. The program also includes vouchers for two online courses. Courses will include pre-course work and post-course work before and after the trip. 


Moody in Germany and Switzerland (Spring) runs from January 6 through March 24, 2019. Please refer to the schedule included in the informational flyer under the “Program Schedule”.

Courses Offered

Students may choose one of the following courses per session:

Session One
TH/BI-4461 New Testament Canon (Jonathan Armstrong)


Session Two
TH-3363 The European Reformation (Gregg Quiggle)
TH-3320 Historical Theology II (Michael McDuffee)


Session Three
BI-4410 Romans (James Spencer)


Session Four
TH-3340 Systematic Theology II (Brian Tucker)



The cost of Moody in Germany and Switzerland (Spring) is approximately $6,800It is Pell-eligible, and loans and the Payment Plan are available. Program cost includes accommodations, most meals, a Rome and a Reformation tour, and two online vouchers. Airfare is not included in cost. 

Applications and Deposits

All Study Abroad programs require both an application and a non-refundable deposit of $1,000 to secure a spot. Applications may be found at: or in front of the Study Abroad office, Sweeting 302.

Applications may be submitted in hard copy to the Sweeting 3 Desk or to the Study Abroad office (Sweeting 302), or by email to studyabroad@moody.eduDo not leave deposits outside the Study Abroad office.

There are three options available to make the deposit payment: checks, cash, or electronic payment. Please see below for instructions on each payment method.

CHECK OR CASH: Checks must be made out to Moody Bible Institute. The program name along with the student’s ID number must be written in the memo line (for example: GERMANY, 4128637).

Checks or cash can be deposited on Crowell 4 to the teller of the Chicago campus. Teller hours are 9:00 a.m. to noon. You will need to give the following account number when making your payment: 11-03403.  Bring the receipt to the Study Abroad office (Sweeting 302) or email a copy to

If sending a check from off campus, please keep in mind that both application and deposit payment must be received in order to secure a spot. Making a payment can be time sensitive for programs with a large amount of students interested.

Checks must be mailed to the following address:

Attn. Miriam Smith, Sweeting 3

Moody Bible Institute

820 N. LaSalle Blvd., Chicago, IL 60610

CREDIT CARD: To make a credit card payment, call Moody Central at (312) 329-4223 or visit the main desk on Culby 2. Request assistance to pay the deposit for the Europe Study Abroad Program. Deposit payments do not go to individual student accounts. You will need to give the following account number when making your payment: 11-03403. Along with the account number, please give the program name and your student ID number to identify who made the payment and for which program the deposit was made.

Once the payment is made, you will need to request a receipt of the transaction. A copy of the receipt must be emailed to for proof of payment. Alternately, a hard copy of the receipt may be submitted with the application. 

If you have any questions about payments, please email

Download the Moody in Germany and Switzerland Application and Agreement. 


Vouchers are valid for two years after the program. For online courses, vouchers can be used for either 8-week or self-paced courses. Independent studies are not included in the online voucher. Vouchers may be used for up to a three credit-hour course. Vouchers may only be used after a student is confirmed in a program and has paid the full program cost.

To use a voucher, a student must first enroll in the course of his or her choice. Once enrolled in the course and a charge appears on the student's account, an e-mail with the subject "Voucher" must be sent with the following information to to have the voucher applied:

  • Student Name and ID (example: Joe Smith, ID 1234567)
  • Trip Attended (example: Moody in Germany Spring 2015)
  • Professor Name: (example: Dr. Smith)
  • Full Course Name and Number (example: GSU-2250-01 (1628) Introduction to Philosophy)
  • Method (example: 8-week online, self-paced online, summer school, or J-term)
  • Cost (the charge that is posted to the student's account for the course)

Vouchers will not be applied until the student has emailed the complete list of above information.


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