Student Grievances

It is the aim of the faculty, staff, and administration of the Moody Bible Institute to provide an increasingly improved curricular and co-curricular program for our students. In addition, it is our desire that the community environment is conducive to student's academic and personal growth. Therefore, input from students is greatly encouraged.

Students who have a specific concern or complaint regarding their experience as a student at MBI are encouraged to use this form to seek to resolve the issue. Students should also complete this form if there is a personal issue or condition that exists a student believes to be unfair, inequitable, discriminatory, or a hindrance to his/her education. The "Student Grievance Form" may be completed on the Student Life page located on a student's myMoody portal on the Chicago Campus tab.

Once submitted, the "Student Grievance Form" will be reviewed by the Vice President and Dean of Student Life to determine the best course of action to address the grievance. The report submitted will be held confidential to the extent possible. Grievance information may be shared with college officials in order to conduct a thorough investigation. As appropriate to the type of grievance reported, the Vice President and Dean of Student Life may forward the report to the Academic Dean, Vice President of Human Resources, or Title IX Coordinator.

The student will receive a response from the Vice President and Dean of Student Life within two weeks of the date the form is submitted. This will either give an answer to the grievance or inform about the measures being taken to address the grievance. 

A student may file an appeal within 48 hours of notification of the final outcome.  The appeal must be received by the Vice President and Dean of Student Life in writing and state clearly the grounds that justify reconsideration. General dissatisfaction with the outcome of the Investigation or related proceedings is not a basis for appeal.  The appeal will be considered by the Provost and a final outcome communicated within two weeks.

If after completing the Student Grievance Form and receiving an outcome from the Vice President and Dean of Student Life, a student believes the issue has not been resolved, the student has the option of filing a complaint with one of Moody's accreditation agencies. A list of accreditation agencies can be found at

Student Life accepts anonymous reports of grievances and will follow up on such reports.  The individual making the report is encouraged to provide as much detailed information as possible (similar to that requested in the online form).  To assure anonymity, please type the information, print and submit to the Student Life office via campus mail. The Vice President and Dean of Student Life may be limited in the ability to investigate and respond to an anonymous report unless sufficient information is furnished to enable the conduct of a meaningful and fair investigation.

Any questions related to the completion or use of the "Student Grievance Form" should be directed to the Vice President and Dean of Students, Dr. William Washington. He can be reached at


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