Posting Guidelines

All posters must be approved by the appropriate department before posting (see chart below).

  1. Each poster must be no larger than 11x17.
  2. When stamped, a poster is permitted to be posted up to 1 month from the day it was stamped. Posters with stamps that exceed 1 month may be taken down. 

  3. A limit of 10 original posters can be stamped per event or item and may be placed on bulletin boards, cork strips or in Houghton, Culby, Smith and Dryer elevators. Posters may not be posted in Crowell Library. 

  4. Due to copyright laws, you are not able to post signs to sell video games or movies in any form of media.

  5. No posters that support individual fundraising or support raising are permitted. 

  6. Please do not use staples on the bulletin boards as they are time-consuming to remove. Student Development has tacks for your use.

  7. Please do not use tape in the elevators. We require you to use sticky tack.

  8. Do not cover up a current poster. If you find a poster for an event that has past, please recycle it.

  9. Failure to have your sign approved or posting your signs on walls will result in it being taken down and discarded without notice.

Posting in Jenkins:

  1. Jenkins posters need to be approved and are allowed to be posted only inside glass covered bulletin boards.

Where to get your posters approved:

Type of Poster  Description What Department Approves? Where is the Department?
General Signs Services Offered, Recitals, Department Announcements and For Sale items Student Development Culbertson 2
Student Group Activities Any official planned activity by a student group Student Programs ASC 2
Job Postings Babysitting or otherwise Career Development Culbertson 2


For questions about posting signs, please contact the Student Development office at 312-329-4193 or email

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