The chapel program is an important part of the MBI undergraduate educational experience and is subject to the educational values and outcomes outlined in the Undergraduate catalog found in the “Student Center” of your student portal. The ultimate goal is to be part of providing a Bible-centered education that enables students to know Christ better and to serve Him through His church in vocational ministry.  Therefore, the chapel program is committed to the following goals:

  • Chapel seeks to enhance Christian life and character by encouraging the discipline of corporate worship and addressing issues related to Christian living.
  • Chapel is designed to enhance biblical and theological literacy through expositional preaching and theological lectures.
  • Chapel is a forum for articulating a Christian worldview and showing how Christians address current cultural issues.
  • Chapel teaches ministry skills by modeling and by providing hands-on opportunities for student involvement.
  • Chapel improves critical thinking by providing a context for important spokespersons to raise critical points of view.
  • Chapel builds a sense of community through corporate gatherings.
  • Chapel provides a forum for addressing important community issues such as: cultural awareness, sexuality, alcohol/drugs, politics, campus issues, etc.

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