Important Residence Life Dates

Fall 2019

Aug. 11 International Student Arrival
Aug. 12-13 International New Student Orientation
Aug. 14 Residence Halls open at 8 AM for New Student Orientation
Aug. 17 Residence Halls open at 8 AM for Continuing & Returning Students
Aug. 19 First Day of Classes
Off-Campus Housing applications available
Spring Undergraduate Jenkins applications available
Sept. 20 Off-campus housing applications due
Spring Undergraduate Jenkins Applications due
Sept. 20 - 21 Family Weekend
Sept. 30-Oct. 4 Spring Housing Intentions Survey - Jenkins Hall
Oct. 2-5 Spring 2019 housing intentions (Jenkins Hall)
Oct. 4 Off-campus decisions communicated via email
Oct. 15-18 Missions Conference
Spring Housing Intentions (Residence Halls)
Oct. 18 Spring Undergrad Jenkins decisions communicated via email
Oct. 21-22 Fall Break
Oct. 28-31 Pre-registration for Spring 2019
Nov. 4 Room change applications available
Nov. 8 Room change applications due
Nov. 11 Winter break housing reservations available at Residence Hall Desks
Nov. 15 Room change process complete - notifications sent via email
Nov. 27-29 Thanksgiving Break
Dec. 5 Last Day of Classes
Dec. 6 Study/Reading Day
Winter break housing reservations due at Residence Hall Desks
Dec. 9-12 Finals Week
Dec. 13 Residence Halls close at 10 a.m.

Spring 2020

Jan. 6 International Student Arrival
Jan. 7-8 International New Student Orientation
Jan. 9 Residence Halls open at 8 a.m. for New Student Orientation
Jenkins Hall opens, new residents may begin moving in
Jan. 11 Residence Halls open at 8 a.m. for continuing students
Jan. 13 First Day of Classes
Off-campus applications available
Jenkins Undergrad applications available
Jan. 20 Martin Luther King Jr. Day Holiday
Jan. 22-31 Jenkins Hall Housing Retention Process
Feb. 4 - 7 Founder's Week Conference
Feb. 7 Spring Break RRR housing reservations available at Residence Hall Desks
Jenkins Housing applications due
Off-Campus applications due
Feb. 21 Off-Campus Decisions Emailed
Jenkins UNDG Decisions Emailed
Feb. 28 Off-Campus Confirmation due
Feb. 24 - Mar 6 Housing Selection for 2019-2020
Feb. 28 Spring Break RRR's due at Residence Hall front desks
Mar. 4 Day of Prayer
Mar. 7-21 Spring Break
Residence Halls close at 10am on March 7 (Saturday)
Residence Halls open at 8am on March 21 (Saturday)
Apr. 6 Pre-Registration for Fall 2019
Jenkins Summer Housing Extensions Due
Apr. 10 Good Friday
Apr. 13 Summer break housing reservations available at Residence Hall Desks
Offers sent to new Jenkins married housing applicants
May 1 Jenkins Hall Fall 2019 licensing agreement & deposit due
Summer Break housing reservations due at Residence Hall Desks
May 11 Study/Reading Day
May 12-15 Finals Week
May 16 Commencement
Residence Halls Close at 5pm

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