Glossary of Coffee Terms 

A beverage created by diluting the espresso concentrate with hot water

An individual professionally trained in the art of espresso preparation

Any brew-ready coffee that comprises beans from more than one origin, producer, or roast level.

A drink consisting of espresso, half hot milk and half steamed milk.


Espresso with a small amount of steamed milk.

A bed of aromatic foam that forms on the top of a properly extracted shot of espresso. An indication of the beans’ freshness, the foam is created by the marriage of carbon dioxide gas and aromatic compounds from within roasted coffee, with the highly pressurized water used to extract it.

Two espresso shots that should be drunk immediately after extraction.

A coffee extraction that creates a concentrated beverage by forcing hot water under pressure through a compressed cake of finely ground coffee beans.

A blended drink made with vanilla cream, ice, and a syrup flavor.

A drink consisting of espresso, hot milk and a small layer of steamed milk. 

Latte Art
A design created by a barista by pouring steamed milk in a pattern on the top of a coffee beverage.

A drink made up of half drip coffee and half steamed milk.

A latte created with a coffee base that has been flavored with chocolate. 

Single Origin
Any brew-ready coffee that is from a single country, washing station, producer, or farm. 

A type of pour over brewing method that extracts more fully the flavor out the coffee beans. During the process, the water is able to interact with the grounds in a multidirectional way, extracting more of the flavors that are inside the bean.